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Electrical faults in residential homes are not uncommon. Common causes may include moisture build up, a cable deteriorating or even just a faulty switch that cuts out every now and then.

Shockwave Electrical can repair all of these problems by going through a systematic procedure to find the cause using testing equipment and of course being able to replace or repairing the fault.

Testing for an electrical fault can be extremely hazardous for Perth electricians. The electricity contained in a home can be enough to injure or kill. Shockwave Electrical follow all safety precautions and procedures while fault finding.

We determine the cause by careful inspection however, in some cases the fault cannot be identified by observation alone. Testing instruments are then used to identify the fault.

There are many types of test instruments used for fault finding. Multimeters are used on most electrical equipment. A multimeter measures the AC and DC voltages, resistance, and current.

Once we have determined the cause of the faulty operation of the circuit you can proceed we replace the component.

We test operate the circuit to be sure there are no other faults.