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Mains powered smoke alarms for homes

Since 1997 it has been law to install mains powered/hard-wired smoke alarms in new houses and any existing properties that have udergone significant renovations.

Since 2009 mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to sale and when a new tenancy agreement is signed for rental properties. If there are no tenancy changes in rental properties, then mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted by 1 October 2011.

These requirements are mandatory under Local Government Regulations.

Shockwave Electrical recommends mains powered smoke alarms as the preferred type of smoke alarm however some alarms with a non-removable ten year battery life are permitted in dwellings where the construction of the building does not have mains power supply available.

FESA recommends every home should have mains powered smoke alarms. A mains powered smoke alarm is one which is wired direct to a 240 volt AC power supply or to a 12/24 volt DC system powered by a 240 volt supply.

It is important to note that all mains powered smoke alarms must be installed by a registered Perth electrician. Shockwave Electrical can install mains powered smoke alarms in your Perth home.

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