Underground Mains power

Shockwave Electrical can supply, install and service all your Underground Mains power electrical requirements in Perth's northern suburbs.

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Changing to underground power

To take advantage of underground power and its many benefits, Shockwave Electrical in conjunction with Western Power can install an underground supply point that allows you to change your overhead service cable (the line from the power pole in the street to your house) to an underground pole to pillar connection.

This involves Western Power connecting an underground cable from a power pole to a pillar near the front of your property.  Shockwave Electrical can then install a consumer mains cable from the pillar to your meter box to complete the connection.

Shockwave Electrical can manage all your underground power needs for domestic, sub-divisions and commercial premises. We liaise with Western Power on your behalf and organise all the paperwork involved.

The benefits of underground connections:

  • more secure than overhead service cables in bad weather
  • removes the need to prune trees near overhead service cables
  • likely to improve the appearance and value of your property

You can check if your suburb is included in the underground power program.